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“Waqt ke saath mein Sanam ko janne laga hoon, uske andaar chupi hui uss ladki ko pehchaan nai laga hoon…joh bahut khoobsurat hai, mausoom hai, independent hai, jiski simple si chahte hai, simple sai sapne hai, jisse sahi aur galat sab ki pehchan hai. Aur sabse khoobsurat baat pata hai kya hai? Logo par apna pyaar lootatai hue bilkul nahi sochti, sonae sa dil hai uska. Naa chahte hue bhi uske kareeb aata gaya, aur pata hi nahi chala ki mohabbat kab hogaye. Bahut suna hai ki ishq aisa hota hai, ishq waisa hota hai, ishq par kisi ka zorr nahi, suna thaa par mana kabhi nahi, aaj manta hoon, logo nai sahi kaha, ishq par kisi ka zorr nahi.” —

Aahil Raza Ibrahim’s Dil Ki Baat

I’ve gotten to know Sanam with time, I’ve recognized the girl hidden inside her…she is really beautiful, innocent, independent…she has simple likes and simple dreams, she knows the difference between right and wrong. You know what the most beautiful thing [about her] is? She doesn’t think before showering her love on others, she has a golden heart. I kept on growing closer to her without wanting to, and I didn’t even realize when I fell in love. I heard a lot about love, that no one control it, but I never believed it. But I believe it today, no one can control who they fall in love with.

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How to pretend to be in love with your wife

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qubool hai party at teejay and kvb’s house!

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  • kvb: what kind of suhaag raat is this, with all of our clothes on. just imagine!
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